Natural solution to beach erosion

Sandsaver works by breaking down the wave energy

Why Sandsaver?

coastal protection & re-nourishment

Beach Protection

Offering shoreline protection against erosion caused by wave activity

Natural Habitat

Unlike dredging, Sandsaver does not negatively impact the natural habitat of fauna and aquatic life

Beach Re-nourishment

Patented design allows for Sandsaver to re-nourish the beach or shoreline

Long Term Erosion SOlution

With a half-life in the thousands of years, Sandsaver can offer a long term solution to beach erosion issues

Global erosion solution

Beaches all around the globe could directly benefit from Sandsavers capabilities


Innovative design of the Sandsaver beach erosion barrier allows for modular portability for installation or removal

Beach Wave Activity

beaches saved

Sandsaver Installs


notable quotes

The results of the shoreline in response to the SG system are unambiguously positive....Beach volume gains did not just occur behind the SG modules, as some had anticipated. Tangible gains in bottom elevation were witnessed as much as 50’ in front of the SG system into the lake. This benefit was also visited upon the beach immediately north of the installation, which is downdrift at this location on Lake Michigan. This portion of the beach gained 6.1 cy/ft, when standard expectations were it would lose profile if the SG system was successful at “grabbing” any sand. This result appears to show that, at the very least, the SandGrabber design does not generate adjacent negative impacts associated with shore normal and impermeable structures. The SG modules’ permeability and placement in a shore-parallel orientation demonstrated no negative impacts to adjacent stretches of beach.
Sediment budget areas are analyzed landward and seaward of the structures to determine if the Sandsavers are accreting or eroding the beach. Based on the analysis, the Sandsavers show an increase in sediment on their landward sides and a decrease in wave height when the structures are installed. The Sandsavers are a new solution to coastal erosion.
The sandsavers have deposited approximately ≈1,035m3 of sediments along the beach front area with a mean change in height of 0.38m.....Beaches provide nesting grounds for sea turtles. It is expected that, the beach restoration will lead to more turtle nesting at the site. The main turtle species found along Diani beach are the green turtles (Chelonia mydas) and the hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) with the green turtles being predominant....More sediments have been deposited on the outer surface of the sand savers compared to the inside surface with a net deposition of approximately ≈0.08m3 and ≈0.05m3 per day respectively.

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