Natural solution to beach erosion

Sandsaver works by breaking down the wave energy

Why Sandsaver?

coastal protection & re-nourishment

Beach Protection

Offering shoreline protection against erosion caused by wave activity

Natural Habitat

Unlike dredging, Sandsaver does not negatively impact the natural habitat of fauna and aquatic life

Beach Re-nourishment

Patented design allows for Sandsaver to re-nourish the beach or shoreline

Long Term Erosion SOlution

With a half-life in the thousands of years, Sandsaver can offer a long term solution to beach erosion issues

Global erosion solution

Beaches all around the globe could directly benefit from Sandsavers capabilities


Innovative design of the Sandsaver beach erosion barrier allows for modular portability for installation or removal

Beach Wave Activity

beaches saved

Sandsaver Installs


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Download additional information on the Sandsaver™ Beach Erosion Barrier by clicking the images below or by going to our Sandsaver Downloads page.